Some Articles by Richard Trenner Available On-line

“A Literary Corner of Cornwall,” The New York Times (travel)

“A Seaside Town’s Country Airs,” The New York Times (travel) – /Trenner Sweden

“As Stress Rises for College Students, Counseling Centers Try to Keep Pace,” The New York Times (education and health)

“By the Way: A Princeton Waltz,” The New York Times (book review)

“Hope, Angst, and the Making of Writers: Writing Center Helps Students Go from Crisis to Thesis,” Princeton Alumni Weekly (education)

“Facing the Hard Choices: The Hastings Center Addressed the Ethical Dilemmas of Modern Life,” Princeton Alumni Weekly (medical ethics),+1986+hastings+center&source=bl&ots=88z0mVSyja&sig=xi9UgKDGYp9QNEEBvAAJ1_rgto&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwig5MT80bfVAhUGRyYKHTiAAmAQ6AEILjAB#v=onepage&q=princeton%20alumni%20weekly%20Nov%2012%2C%201986%20hastings%20center&f=false

“London’s Ground Zero: During WWII, the Blitz Shattered a City,” The Washington Post (history and travel)

“The Necessity of Moral Discourse in Public Life,” Princeton Theological Seminary (politics)

“One Lawmaker’s Ideas on Peeling Away Layers of Redundant Services,” The New York Times (politics)

“Politics and the Mode of Fiction: E. L. Doctorow,” The Ontario Review Press (literary interview from E. L. Doctorow: Essays and Conversations, Richard Trenner, editor)

“Portrait of a Lady: Edith Bolling Galt Wilson,” Princeton Alumni Weekly (historical interview)

Princeton Sued in Mt. Laurel Case,” The New York Times (law and politics)

“QE2: Too Cool,” The Washington Post (travel)

“Rambling Around Princeton, the Best Little Book-Town in America,” The Washington Post (books and travel)

“Return to Beauty: MFA Boston Displays Works Collected by Horace Wood Brock,” Princeton Alumni Weekly (art criticism)

“The Ruling Class,” The New York Times  (politics)

“Spanish Trip Earns Family an A-plus,” The Baltimore Sun (travel and education)

Such, Such Are the Joys,” The New York Times (education)

“Sweet Nothings in Swedish,” The Washington Post (travel)

“Train Wreck,” Princeton Alumni Weekly (personal narrative)

“The Ultimate Ivory Tower,” The New York Times (education)

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